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Windows Live Messenger 2009

- Features: Complete your Microsoft experience by getting Windows Live Messenger. This latest version is packed with all your online messaging needs such as:

Live MSN Messenger

add your friends in your contact list and you’ll get to chat with them in real time. No fuss! No hassles! Just quick connections anytime!
Video Calls
see your contacts as they speak. Have more fun with video conferences.
File Sharing
send your favorite songs and videos instantly! No need to attach them to an email.
Extra features
Windows Live Messenger works with various fun plugins. You can play games, collaborate on documents, and even solve computer problems of your contact through remote assistance.
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About Windows Live Messenger

Packed with a multitude of exciting features, Windows Live Messenger is your solution to the best instant messaging service on the Web. Many homes and offices install Windows Live Messenger on their computers to keep them up-to-date with friends, business contacts and family.

It is the online messenger of choice for millions of people around the world. Best of all, it’s backed by Microsoft, the world’s leading computer software company.

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