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Easily create, edit and add special effects to your home videos.

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- a software from windows for people who want to make
professionally-looking videos without the confusing commands. Just check out these great features:
  Easy creation of titles and credits
simply type the needed text and choose from many exciting video effects
  Classy special effects and transitions
add the effects you see on TV and films such as fade to black, old film
and more

  Insert background music
play the role of a sound engineer by adding background music to certain
parts of your video

  Narrate and share
add voice-overs to make your video more compelling
  Combine photos and videos
the perfect solution for travelers to share their experience on their amazing trips
  Save in different formats
maximize your video file size by specifying where it will be stored: CD, DVD,
Web, computer, or even via email!

Microsoft Movie Maker

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