Play downloaded flash video files! FLV Player is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. It supports both local and Internet streaming content and can play in full screen mode.

No more loading time! No more waiting!
FLV Player is your quickest and easiest solution for playing .flv files.

Free FLV Player Download Features

  • Open

    FLV Video Player

    files on any Windows PC.
  • Double-click files in File Explorer to play them automatically.
  • Zoom 50% - 100% - 200% and full screen.
  • Double click video view-port to toggle full screen.
  • Drag-and-drop multiple files.
  • FLV Video Player

    Play URL's, Streams and Local Files.
  • Remember position on screen at next launch.
  • Remember audio settings at next launch
  • Optional video smoothing for fast CPU's.
  • Small download. Just 2.12 Mb.
  • No viruses, spyware or adware.
  • 100% FREE.

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