ACDSee Photo Manager 2009

The simplest solution for all your
photo management needs.


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gives you these advantages:

Photo management has never been this easy
With ACDSee, your photos become very accessible and flexible. Search for images, share new shots and edit image errors with no hassle.

Quick access to images
ACDSee opens photos instantly. You can easily zoom in and out of photos after opening them. You'll also see a preview of photos in emails using ACDSee's Quick View program.

Arrange photos the way you want them
Know where your photos are all the time. ACDSee helps you manage your collections by letting you drag and drop photos into selected folders. You can also add tags / keywords, ratings and more to help you locate you photos faster.

Powerful search function
Get that target photo even if its mixed up with thousands of other images in your computer. ACDSee can check multiple keywords and folders to provide you with instant and relevant results. You can even save your search keywords for future use.

Easy-to-use image editing
You don't need to master confusing commands just to make simple edits on your images. ACDSee has a very simple interface for commands such as red eye removal, brightness / contrast tweaks and more. It even protects the original image so that you can revert back to it if you don't like your edits.

Photo sharing in a snap
Show off your images in various ways – email, prints, CD or DVD. ACDsee can also easily post your images to popular file sharing site Flickr. You can also create fun slideshows, complete with music and special effects!

Print how you want it
Don't get bogged down by paper size or page orientation. ACDSee lets you control the printing process. Set the page to print one large photo or multiple fills.

Image protection
ACDSee can sync your image folders to specified locations such as local hard drives. The program can make backups while you manage your photos. Yes, it's that useful!

Multiple image file types recognized
Unlike other photo management programs, ACDSee can open and edit various file types. From the common types such as JPEG and GIF to the more advanced TGA and RAS, ACDSee ensures users that they can manage their photos quickly and easily.


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